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Lutheran Social ServicesThank you for your interest in a position at LSS. We are always looking for caring people with a passion for serving others. Positions are available for a variety of jobs throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. We offer employees competitive wages and benefits, professional development opportunities, and a value-based work environment.

When you choose a career with Lutheran Social Services (LSS) of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, you give of yourself – of your heart and of your soul – to improve lives and ultimately to change lives. And at the end of the day, that feels pretty good!

We touch more than 100,000 lives a year

For most people, a job is a job – something you do for a paycheck. However, those who join our mission at LSS, do so because they’re not satisfied with just a paycheck from a less-than-meaningful career. We operate 263 programs at 188 sites in 115 communities with approximately 1,000 employees throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

When you choose us, your work will revolve around meaningful endeavors like finding meals for someone who hasn’t eaten lately, treatment for someone who’s struggling with addiction, support for people with disabilities, housing for someone who’s homeless, finding clothing for a foster child or creating forever families through adoption.

In turn, we support you!

A career at LSS comes with many benefits – vacation, health insurance, retirement plan, life insurance and many other perks that support your overall life and future as our valued employee.

Explore the pages here to learn about all the other reasons joining our family is the right decision in your life. We add new positions frequently, so please be sure to check our career openings often. Begin your search for job opportunities here.

I love the mission of LSS, and feel that my coworkers are very dedicated and deeply believe in bettering people’s lives.

To learn more about a career at Lutheran Social Services, visit our website.
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Our People

When you open the door of any Lutheran Social Services (LSS) office, you’ll notice something special. You’re greeted with a big smile and an offer to help that’s genuine and pure LSS.

Our team of generous individuals makes our work shine

This warm embrace comes with the territory. When we search for people to join our team, we look for important characteristics that not only benefit our clients, but also help assure comfortable and uplifting work environments for our employees. Some people feel that people who work here have a calling to serve, which helps unite our employees at LSS.

Lutheran Social Services

People with a gift for changing lives

Not just anyone has the DNA to work here at LSS. Of course you need the qualifications that match the position, but it’s that extra something that makes our people truly shine as they help clients improve their lives, reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. People feel valued at LSS by other employees and clients. It’s a special bond that’s felt by our employees and the people we serve. Because changing lives every day feels great.

I love my job so far! The company has been great!

To learn more about a career at Lutheran Social Services, visit our website.
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A Generous Culture

Lutheran Social Services When you’re looking for a new position, you want to find an organization that offers you the best overall package, but you also need to consider the heart of the organization. At Lutheran Social Services (LSS), we take both responsibilites seriously.

We take pride in offering our employees extras beyond your salary, live our commitment to a corporate heart each day, honor flexible work schedules, strive for diversity and openly share information among our employees.

Beyond your salary

Your salary is just one part of your overall employment package at LSS – add to that our many perks.

LSS pays more than 80 percent of eligible employees' individual and family health care insurance premiums. Plus, we offer part-time or flex-time employees (scheduled to work 30+ hours per week) health care benefits. LSS also offers employees up to 24 days of paid time-off (PTO), which encompasses time off for ill dependents. Learn more about our outstanding perks.

Corporate heart

The heart of LSS revolves around improving a community’s social needs and practices. Another key area of focus is developing and caring for our employees. With that comes a commitment to fiscal responsibility, human rights, values, ethics and integrity in everything we do. In addition, LSS stresses inclusion and diversity in its hiring practices. Learn more about our corporate responsibility here.

Flexible work day

Sometimes your life requires flexibility. We understand that and, if possible, we will work to accommodate your individual request for a flexible, non-traditional work arrangement. We may be able to offer flexibility in your choice in beginning and end hours, the number of hours worked per day, a reduced schedule during certain times of the year, and a change from full- to part-time status and choice in your shift. We also extend choices for breaks and when to take meals.

Seek diversity

All you have to do is read our mission statement to understand that inclusion and diversity is integral in our organization’s mission. Lutheran Social Services seeks diversity in its staff and volunteers as well as in those it serves. Individuals and organizations are intertwined and must rely on and support one another. Excellence is the standard of quality for all agency services and operations.

Plus, our mission includes a commitment to improve social needs and practices, care and development of employees, and inclusion and diversity.

Open communication

We also believe strongly in open communication both internally and externally. Our e-newsletter arrives weekly to communicate news relevant to our employees, and we issue special editions for timely announcements. Plus, you’ll find the latest news on our Facebook page devoted to adoption and a general LSS Facebook page. You’ll also find videos posted to YouTube that capture key messages and news.

Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan has achieved accreditation through the Council on Accreditation (COA) for many years. The value of this Accreditation offers accountability and improvement measures while increasing the capacity to deliver high-quality services. LSS is part of a great community of excellence. Learn more about what this accreditation means.

LSS provides a positive atmosphere, my supervisor is willing to invest in me and wants me to succeed.

To learn more about a career at Lutheran Social Services, visit our website.
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Lutheran Social Services LSS offers competitive compensation that is based upon experience and education. In addition, LSS' benefit plans begin the first of the month following 90 days of service, unless otherwise specified. The benefits given below apply to regular, full-time employees or regular, part-time employees who routinely work at least 30 hours per week. Note that LSS reserves the right to amend or terminate any benefit at any time.
LSS provides a positive atmosphere, my supervisor is willing to invest in me and wants me to succeed.

To learn more about a career at Lutheran Social Services, visit our website.
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Lutheran Social Services

Why should I work for LSS?

Most new employees start working for LSS because of their desire to help someone. They feel personally connected to our mission – "Motivated by the compassion of Christ, we help people improve the quality of their lives." We've also learned that our employees choose to stay with LSS because of the relationships they build with their clients, co-workers and direct supervisors. In addition, we hear that LSS is a place where they feel valued and have an opportunity to directly influence the quality of someone's life on an ongoing basis. That’s a pretty amazing feeling.

Is a bachelor's degree required to work at LSS?

Our entry-level direct-care positions do not require a college degree. These are positions where our employees begin to build their experience base for advanced human service opportunities within LSS and the human services field. LSS does have a number of other positions, which do require a bachelor's degree. However, you will find a number of positions within LSS that do not require a degree, but it may be preferred. Experience does count though. Years of related experience may serve as an equivalent to a degree.

Do I have to be Lutheran to work for LSS?

LSS employs and serves both Lutheran and non-Lutheran individuals. So, no, you do not need to be Lutheran to work at LSS.

What does LSS do?

LSS provides a variety of compassionate programs and services to individuals and their families in 115 communities throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Our range of services include:

What is LSS?

LSS is the social ministry arm of more than 800 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America congregations in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Founded in 1882, LSS is one of the largest faith-based human service agencies in the Midwest. We have main offices in Appleton, Eau Claire, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee and Waukesha, Wisconsin. In addition, we have an office in Upper Michigan located in Marquette. Plus, we maintain smaller offices throughout the two-state area. In total, we have more than 1,000 employees serving the needs of more than100,000 clients and their families.

Our Mission is "Motivated by the compassion of Christ, we help people improve the quality of their lives."

Our Vision is "Change the world, one grace-filled life at a time."

What types of customers does LSS serve?

Our LSS staff provides services across the lifespan and across a variety of human conditions. Services are offered to children and families, adults, older adults and persons with disabilities. Services are open to all, regardless of religious affiliation or background.

How is LSS funded?

LSS receives monies from ELCA congregations, foundations, United Way, corporations, private contracts and grants, client fees, state and local governments, and countless individual donors.

Is LSS affiliated with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans?

LSS is a separate, non-profit organization that conducts its ministry on behalf of 500,000 Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Lutherans in nearly 800 congregations in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. We are governed by a board of directors that includes representatives from business, health care, clergy, and other sectors of the community in the two-state area.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is the largest fraternal benefit society in the United States. Composed of nearly three million members, the organization offers a broad array of financial products and services, as well as charitable programs to Lutherans, their families and their communities.

In sum, LSS and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans are separate organizations, but do work together on various projects to help Lutheran churches, their members and the surrounding communities.

To learn more about a career at Lutheran Social Services, visit our website.